November 7, 2016 – NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) will introduce its Public Safety solutions at the 85th ICPO-INTERPOL General Assembly Exhibition, which will be held at Nusa Dua Convention Center, Bali, Indonesia from 7 to 10 November 2016. NEC will be showcasing its Cyber Security and Biometrics Solutions for Law Enforcement.

With the rise in terror and cyber attacks around the globe, there is a pressing need for governments and enterprises to build robust defenses in the physical and digital world. NEC will showcase how its latest technology offerings in cyber security technologies and advanced biometrics solutions can help law enforcement agencies keep their cities safer.
The NEC booth features the following solutions:

Cyber Security

NEC employs a powerful and effective combination of security technology and solutions to keep large-scale ICT environments safe.

  1. Digital Forensic Solution: The Digital Forensic Solution equips Law Enforcement agencies with the necessary forensic capabilities for combatting cybercrime. This suite empowers organizations with the know-how for specific forensic areas, including:
    • Mobile device forensics
    • Disk forensics
    • Malware forensics
    • Memory forensics

Other highlights include a next-generation security solution to counter unknown threats by using progressive heuristic technology and other developments in an analytics-based solution.


NEC is proud to showcase its world’s No. 1* rated face and fingerprint matching technology.

  1. NeoFace® Watch: A high performance face recognition software application for real-time video surveillance, offline video face search and high volume photo face search. Multiple alert options are available.
  2. NeoFace® Reveal: Latent face workstation providing the ability to enhance poor quality latent face images, search against mugshot repositories, and identify potential candidates. The solution allows operators to easily scroll through and review the candidate list, enabling a quick assessment by skilled experts.
  3. NeoFace® Smart ID, NeoScan45: A mobile application equipped with multi-biometric capture capability including facial images, fingerprints and voices in addition to descriptive data. This application allows operators to rapidly identify persons in the field without ID credentials based upon a fingerprint or facial recognition search.
  4. SmartScan: SmartScan, an advanced multi-modal capture solution, breaks from convention with an extraordinarily functional ergonomic design and a Microsoft Windows 10 user interface delivering leading edge biometric technology.


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