NEC Display Solutions has something new on the boil. Well, we say ‘boil’ but it’s just about finished cooking. That something new would be the MultiSync PA322UHD, a new 32-inch UHD display designed for high-end use.

How high-end? It’s packing a 10-bit IPS-type LCD panel with IGZO technology, as well as a W-LED backlight and should see most of its use in professions that call for a large amount of visual fidelity.

Christopher Parker, the Product Line Manager of Desktop Displays at NEC Display Solutions Europe, said in a statement “The ongoing evolution of 4K UHD is bringing this impressive display technology beyond cinemas and TVs and into our daily work lives. It brings not just improved visual quality, but better colours, more screen ‘real estate’ and more imaging confidence.”

“This makes the MultiSync® PA322UHD the ideal display for all creative professionals, designers, photographers, CAD-CAM, video-editing, finance, precision engineering, medical imaging, broadcasting and industrial applications. In short, it is ideal for mission critical applications requiring absolute attention to detail and anyone who cares about their visual work.”

The MultiSync PA322UHD will become available in Europe as of this month, November 2014.

Source: NEC Display Solutions

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