You might recall that some time back Chinese tech-maker Lenovo snapped up the parts of Motorola that made cellular phones, minus the bits that previous owner Google wanted to hang onto. What you might not know is how Motorola mobile devices have been performing since but we’re here to tell you that the news is good. For Lenovo, that is.

Motorola handsets are up considerably since Lenovo took over, to the tune of a 118% increase. That translates to smartphone sales of $1.9 billion, in case you’re wondering, and converts to more than 10 million handsets sold.

These sales increased Lenovo’s mobile phone sales overall by 78%, which is a considerable bump especially when you consider that the company has yet to make the devices available in their main market in China.

To which we say: can you swing a few Motorola devices this side? Pretty please?

Source: Lenovo

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