Microsoft sure does love to create new items that will make the lives of those using their hardware and systems easier. Case in point is a new tool for Windows 8.1 (or Windows 8.x, if you want to be totally correct) called Sleep Study that does something that should have been implemented in mobile computing ages ago. It tells you what has been draining the battery of a tablet or other battery-powered Windows device while it was not in use.

The Sleep Study feature has been created by Microsoft to make keeping track of which apps and services have been running down your battery while being designed to have a minimal impact on the battery itself. What Sleep Study does could have been implemented with a more traditional logging system but that would have led to the battery in question being drained further, according to Microsoft, and that just would not do.

There are some requirements to using Sleep Study though. You’ll need to have a Windows device that is compatible with a feature called InstantGo, which used to be known as Connected Standby. You’ll also need to be familiar with Microsoft’s command window and have Windows 8.1 installed. The link below to the Windows Experience Blog goes into the technical details for hardcore users.

Source: Windows Experience Blog

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