Microsoft’s been around for a long, long time and their tendency to get users to test-drive their products has been around for a little while as well. The latest batch of software to get the preview treatment (aside from the ongoing Windows 10 Technical Preview) is Office 2016, which has just entered the Public Preview phase.

Following on from a March launch of a Developer Preview, Microsoft has announced that average users will now be able to download and test out Office 2016 before it releases. The company’s giving users the option to add the trial to an existing Office 365 subscription or to use a standalone download (both are linked to at the link below) but they need to be prepared to possibly reinstall their old Office setups. And do some troubleshooting.

Microsoft has a bunch of new features on show, the best of which are designed to make the software easier to use. They’ve added a bit more smarts to Office, by the sound of things.

Microsoft says that “Office 2016 previewers will get an early look at the next release of Office on Windows desktop, but more importantly they’ll help to shape and improve the future of Office.”

Source: Microsoft

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