It’s still rather strange to think that Finnish company Nokia’s smartphones now fall under Microsoft’s banner but it does give us another technological avenue to look into concerning the Redmond company.

And the rumours are there. According to several reports, Microsoft’s upcoming Lumia phone – which is known by the name ‘McLaren’ at present – will feature some interesting functions. One of these is a gigantic camera, along the lines of Nokia’s Lumia 1020 which has a 41 megapixel camera and the other is a sensor that enables something called “3D Touch”. This feature will apparently allow users to interact with the phone without actually using the display, various motions will cause the handset to perform certain tasks.

These include automatically answering the phone when it is lifted to the user’s ear and muting the phone when it is covered with a hand but there are other, unusual functions planned as well, it seems. One of these is that the phone will react to the way that it is held, though just how it would do this is not elaborated on.

According to the apparent leaks, the McLaren phone will become available some time in November this year. Whether it has a broader release than just the States isn’t known at this time.

Source: Engadget

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