Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was a fixture of the internet as well as the technology world, largely thanks to Windows. But, in recent (and a few not-so-recent) years, it’s also been the target of a whole lot of flack from users who have been unimpressed with the web browser.

So Internet Explorer is on the way out, to be replaced with Project Spartan. There has been a whole lot mentioned of late about the new browser, even though we still don’t know its actual name, particularly the new engine it will be using, Edge. But for all the speculation, nobody has had a chance to try it out.

Until now. Windows users who have opted to test-drive Windows 10 may already be using the Spartan web browser, which was introduced to the Windows 10 Preview in a recent build. Initial reports are that the browser is still incomplete and, as such, some major features are still inactive but it’s still a nice way to see what’s coming from Microsoft.

And for those who are still attached to Internet Explorer, it hasn’t gone away. It’s just hiding but users will be able to locate it with a little effort.

Source: Ars Technica

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