Microsoft’s original  Kinect peripheral found a lot of use outside of the gaming world, which it was originally designed for, and the new iteration of the Kinect for the Xbox One is shaping up to do similar things outside of its original design spec.

To that end, Microsoft have come up with the Kinect for Windows, an updated version of their motion tracker. Originally it seemed that the accuracy for the Windows version of the hardware wasn’t all that much better than the Xbox One version but the smart fellows over at Microsoft Research have put paid to that.

In the video below you’ll see them demonstrating Handpose, which uses the Kinect tracker. It does pretty much what you’d expect from a camera-based motion tracker but the company has ramped up the accuracy in a variety of lighting conditions, to the point where individual finger movement is captured and reproduced in real-time.

Just what Handpose will be used for is unknown but accurate body capture can have a whole slew of functions. Odds are that this tech will see more use in real-world applications than gaming though, it’s hard to think of a way that even the current generation of games would be able to utilise this level of body tracking.

Source: Microsoft Research

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