Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser has been having a very hard time. People make fun of it, people don’t use it and it was even the subject of an antitrust case overseas a few years back. But with Windows 10, the company seemed to be looking to take back that lost territory.

The way that they plan to do so is with Project Spartan, a new web browser that we’ve yet to get a really close look at. But it’ll be coming, along with Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana (see where this is going?) when Windows 10 hits the market later on this year.

And the company has just added that there’s a new bit of support coming for the Windows-default browser, one that has been some time in coming. The Project Spartan browser will support extensions, something that Firefox and Chrome have had for some time.

It seems that it might take a little time to get here though, according to The Verge Microsoft has said that “…we’re working on a plan for extensions for a future update to Project Spartan.” Whether that means it’ll be after the retail release of Windows 10 or some time during the ongoing Technical Preview is unclear but one thing is clear: improvements are coming.

Source: The Verge

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