Did you know that Microsoft has a gigantic Surface, called the Surface Hub, heading to market for business/enterprise customers? Designed to be used as a collaborative tool, the Surface Hub is a huge touchscreen that can be handled by several people at once. How huge? 84-inches, which is an improvement on a whiteboard.

Now, the bad news. The Surface Hub was supposed to be shipping out to customers in September this year but Microsoft has experienced a couple of delays getting this business-specific hardware into user hands. As such, the new shipping date for the 84-inch tablet (which is basically what it is) is set for January 2016.

The Surface Hub will set users back around $20,000, or a little over R250,000. So don’t expect to see them showing up everywhere but if Microsoft gets what they want, more than a few companies will have a massive piece of tech adorning board rooms. We wouldn’t mind one ourselves. For the house. Yes, really. Because it would look awesome mounted on the wall.

Source: Microsoft

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