Microsoft took to the stage last night to show all all of their nifty new Windows 10 hardware. They revealed a lot of for expected devices, from the Surface Pro 4 (as well as a surprise on that side) to new Lumia phones but perhaps the best news was that the Hololens will be in the hands of developers soon.

How soon? We’ve got a ballpark time slot, that of the first quarter of 2016, but that’s not really an indicator on how close the company’s splendid AR tech is to being a commercial release.

Commercial release might be stretching it a little as well, as the pricing for the so-called Development Edition of the Hololens has been detailed. It’s going to cost developers $3000, which isn’t a small sum of money for your average buyer at all. Microsoft will likely be trimming that cost down as we get closer to retail but it’s still enough to make you sweat – just a little.

Source: Engadget

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