Microsoft has to be feeling good right about now. They’re working on a little something call Project Sidekick with none other than NASA, which will eventually mean that their Augmented Reality (AR) glasses, called Hololens, will make its way to the International Space Station (ISS).

It’s not going to be all fun and games though, it’s got a practical function. There’s Remote Expert Mode, which will use a Skype connection to assist astronauts with tasks. Someone can remotely see what they’re doing and offer guidance, and even draw on the Hololens ‘screen’ to show them what to do next.

Then there’s the Procedure Mode, which will bring true AR to spacemen by overlaying animations over actual er… stuff, which would make using items in space a lot easier and safer.

When will it be in space? In all goes well, Hololens will have been delivered by the time you read this. It was scheduled to make the trip to the ISS this past weekend. It is estimated that astronauts will be able to use it by the end of this year.

Source: NASA

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