Microsoft is going big or going home with Windows 10 and the only home they’re planing on going to is yours. But while their Windows 10 ecosystem is intended to integrate all things Windows, from the desktop to phones to gaming consoles. But they’re aware that some users won’t want to ditch their Androids and iPhones.

Which is where the newly-announced Phone Companion app comes in. This is an app designed for Apple and Google’s operating systems that will allow users to get access to their Windows 10 machines, even remotely if there’s a good enough data connection, OneDrive, stream music from their desktops to a mobile and more besides.

The ‘more besides’ would  be Cortana, who will become available on iOS and Android through the Phone Companion app. Google Now and Siri just got a lot of competition – or will, when the app launches later this year.

Source: Microsoft

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