We’ve been expecting it ever since Microsoft announced that they would be buying out Nokia’s cellphone arm and it’s happening at last. This is your first look at a Microsoft-branded smartphone which will, by the look of things, be completely dropping the Nokia title.

There are few details concerning the RM-1090 smartphone. We don’t know what’s inside it, what sort of screen it will have or when and where it will see release but we do know that this is Microsoft’s first official smartphone. And that it is going to be a dual-SIM handset, so we might see it release in China before anywhere else.

It looks a whole lot like the Lumia series of phones that the company has been releasing of late, though it’s actually missing the Lumia branding so we’re not even sure that it will be called a Microsoft Lumia. But the images have been found at various regulators so we’re expecting it to hit the market relatively soon-ish. We’re guessing that Microsoft has an announcement coming – also soon-ish.

Source: Engadget

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