Several reports, originating from WinSuperSite which has played host to accurate information regarding upcoming Microsoft hardware in the past, are claiming that Microsoft’s widely-expected wearable device will feature functions that put it into the fitness band category. This will likely put Microsoft into direct competition with Jawbone, FitBit and even Samsung in terms of the smart wearables market.

The sensors that will reportedly be fitted into the unnamed wearable will include a heart-rate monitor, as well as other fitness-related bits and pieces that haven’t been detailed yet. This information, which comes by way of an anonymous source, also includes something else interesting. It’s not just going to be fitness-focused.

Instead some smartwatch functionality, like the ability to display notifications from a connected smartphone, will also be included in the fitness-centric wristwear.

Microsoft has yet to confirm any of these details but we’ll be keeping an eye out for the offical info on their entry into the wearables market. It’s looking impressive so far.

Source/Image: Engadget

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