Microsoft has been competing with Google (and Yahoo!) for search engine market share and in any digital arms race, that means that there are improvements constantly on the way.

The newest of these, coming to Microsoft’s Bing search engine, is a book carousel that appears when users search for books using the online portal. Hunting for specific phrases will bring up the New York Times best-sellers lists in addition to the search results you are after, possibly giving users a few leads to other great reading material.

The search engine said “If your resolution is to read more, you’re going to love the newest Bing feature: the best-sellers carousel. Search on best-sellers in categories including fiction, non-fiction, even manga, and the New York Times best-sellers list will appear at the top of the page. Books are ranked by The New York Times based on weekly or monthly sales data.”

For now the feature is confined to the best-sellers, which will change and be updated over time. It sure would be nice if they could somehow expand their reach to ALL the books – but that could take a while. A long while.

Source: Microsoft (Bing)

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