Microsoft, or rather Microsoft-allied developer Press Play, wants to get gamers more involved in the game development process and they’re doing that by asking gamers what they would like to see next from the development house. All interested players have to do is head over to the Press Play part of the Microsoft Studios website (link), sign up and vote.

Above is the teaser video showing all  three projects on offer but, in case you can’t watch the video for some reason, here’s Microsoft’s rundown of the three potential games.

Project: Dwarka
An action-packed first-person co-op game, set in a dark fantasy world. Team up with a group of friends to become a band of legendary dwarven treasure hunters, and explore a procedurally generated underworld filled with gold and monstrosities.

Project: Karoo
A physics based multiplayer construction game set in an open world. Build complex machines out of simple blocks—you can build any type of vehicle you can think of, and use it to go on adventures.

Project: Knoxville
A 3rd person multiplayer action-survival game in which players must both work together and against each other. It goes further than any game when it comes to dynamic relationships and spectator interaction, and makes you wonder: “How far will you go to survive?””

The games are further along than you’d think based on this video but which one makes it all the way to release… that’s up to you.

Source: Microsoft

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