If you’re going to teach a small kid to code, there’s bound to be an easy way. And Microsoft have found it, announcing that they will be working with Code.org to teach youngsters how to… well, code.

And they’re going to be using Minecraft to do it. Interesting choice, but by all accounts it works.

That’s because Microsoft will be teaching the little ones basic coding using strings of commands that kids will combine in order to ‘play’ Minecraft. The blocks of code can be built and then executed with a ‘run’ command, giving kids a basic grounding in what is expected from coders. And the principles would carry through to more advanced work.

The initiative is in aid of the One Hour of Code event, the third instalment of which kicks off on 7 December this year.

If you’d like to give coding-with-Minecraft a go, the tutorial is available online now (link), free of charge.

Source: Geekwire

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