The Windows Experience Blog has bought some new features in the Windows Store to our attention, notably changes in the Windows 8.1 update that make navigating the store a much easier proposition than was previously the case.

The store’s new look, which can be seen above, includes a new persistent navigation bar that will allow users to hope between categories without having to resort to travelling back a few screens before they can select a whole new destination.

Microsoft is also introducing a curated selections of Collections, which they describe as a way “…to help you discover new apps”. Each Collection is themed, so there would be an option for new Windows users, something for those with a taste for gaming and just about any other taste you can think of (media, sports and so on). 

Lastly, the company is adding the ability to link Windows Phone and Windows apps. This will let users browse the desktop version of the Windows Store and buy an app intended for their Windows device and also gives them the ability, should the app be compatible, to download the same app to their Windows Phone device at no extra cost. Not too shabby at all.

Source: Windows Experience Blog

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