Hey, everyone else is doing it so Microsoft may just be jumping in to the party. We’re referring to wearable devices, otherwise known as smartwatches and a report by Forbes claims that the tech giant has their very own version on the way.

Better still, the report says that we might be seeing the Microsoft-made devices, which do not have a name as yet, before the end of this year.

Actual details are sketchy, coming from Forbes’ unnamed sources, but the smartwatch is thought to feature heart-rate sensors as well as the ability to work with a variety of mobile platforms. From this we can assume that Android, iOS and Windows Phone will be the device’s playground.

Another claim is that the wearable will have a decent battery life for a smartwatch, somewhere in the region of 2 days per charge which is quite efficient considering how fast smartwatch batteries run down.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed anything but we’ll keep you posted if anything new surfaces.

Source: Forbes

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