Microsoft seems to have some very big plans for their various platforms. They’ve already got cloud storage (OneDrive) and collaboration software (Microsoft Office 365) but it seems that they might be targeting a streaming gaming service next.

At least, that’s the current theory. Microsoft is reported to be looking for people to work on a project called ‘Arcadia’, which is thought to be a streaming service which will allow uses to stream certain games or apps on Microsoft’s platforms. And since they’re in the middle of unifying their desktop, mobile and gaming offerings, something like Arcadia would make a lot of sense.

There aren’t a lot of details but since Microsoft is still looking for staff for the streaming project (Arcadia was outed by job listings found online), odds are that whatever they have in mind is still in the very early stages. But we’re now privy to the sort of direction that the company plans to be heading in, and that’s always a good thing. Perhaps we’ll be able to stream our console games to our Windows Phone devices in the near future – wouldn’t that be something to see?

Source: ZDNet

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