Microsoft’s Office offering has proved extremely durable over the years, retaining its popularity in the face of all comers. That’s not hard to do when your product is the best but Microsoft isn’t resting on their laurels as a result.

Instead, they’re constant working to upgrade the user experience. Case in point, the reported update that will be coming to Office Online, the online version of the company’s Office suite.

Office Online is based almost entirely in the cloud so it’s refreshing to hear that in addition to the usual functions that we’d expect from Office, the company is planning on rolling out collaboration tools which will allow users to communicate in real-time when working on the same documents. This will come about by way of a Chat option on the web-based Office Online suite, according to WinSuperSite.

This sort of feature isn’t going to set the Microsoft Office world aflame, as many users would not be willing or able to use a direct collaboration feature. But, for those who need it, real-time collab functions will be very handy indeed.

And when can we expect to see it? In the next couple of weeks, it seems.

Source: Engadget

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