Microsoft’s Internet Explorer isn’t going away any time soon and the company has come up with something unusual in terms of content for their browser – as well as all of the others. Microsoft has announced a free-to-play preview of Settlers of Catan, playable through a web browser, which shows off “…the latest HTML5 web standards and real-time in-game social interaction.”

In addition, Catan fans will be getting “…the complete Catan ruleset: Development cards, Achievements, and Ports at GamesCon in August. This brings Catan Anytime to full parity in game rules with the board game.  We hope that the parity in rules, combined with the unique capabilities of asynchronous gaming and auto trading will attract Catan fans old and new alike!”

Microsoft says that the online Catan boardgame will function on any operating system and “any device with a modern browser”, meaning that users will be able to play the game on everything from a desktop to a mobile phone.

Nicely played Microsoft, this will probably pick up more than its fair share of subscribers.

Source: Microsoft

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