Microsoft is already making inroads into the smartphone market, first with their Nokia partnership and later with their outright purchase of Nokia’s smartphone division. Now it seems that they might have another milestone in their sights: Microsoft is reportedly investing in Android alternative CyanogenMod.

To be more specific Microsoft is looking at investing in the company behind CyanogenMod, which is a very popular custom operating system for Android smartphones. Several news outlets, including Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, are reporting that Microsoft is getting involved with CyanogenMod, either as an investor or as a partner – one that could see Windows Phone-like features appearing in some versions of the custom smartphone ROM.

Just what Microsoft intends isn’t known. Neither Cyanogen nor Microsoft are saying much about the reports but for a user-installed OS, CyanogenMod has an awful lot of adherents – in the region of 50 million, according to Engadget. So it’s just possible that Microsoft wants in on that action, if only to grow its mobile user base that much more.

We’ll keep you posted on any developments.

Source: Engadget

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