Microsoft’s got a whole new direction of late, introducing innovations like the Hololens, tweaks to existing hardware and platforms like the Xbox One and the upcoming Windows 10 and now they’ve just announced more investment in the world of data transportation.

Microsoft’s David Crowley, Managing Director of Network Enablement, said in a post on the Microsoft website: “We announced deals with Hibernia and Aqua Comms, in which Microsoft is investing in a cable with each company to connect Microsoft’s datacenter infrastructure from North America to Ireland and on to the United Kingdom. These cables will help deliver data at higher speeds, with higher capacity and lower latency for our customers across the globe.”

The company has also joined into a consortium with several Asian telecoms companies, with the aim of connecting North America to the East.

“The New Cross Pacific (NCP) Cable Network will provide faster data connections for customers, aid Microsoft in competing on cloud costs, all while creating jobs and spurring local economies. The goal of our expansions and investments in subsea cables is so our customers have the greatest access to scale and highly available data, anywhere.”

Which is good news for all concerned. Now, Microsoft, how about sending some of that love this side?

Source: Microsoft

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