Microsoft’s always been up-front about their educational initiatives, often giving out large amounts of cash in order to promote computer skills around the world.

So we shouldn’t be too surprised to hear that Microsoft will be giving out $75 million for something that they call the YouthSpark initiative, over the next three years.

“Through the company’s global YouthSpark initiative, scores of nonprofit organizations around the world will receive cash donations and other resources to provide computer science education to diverse populations of young people in their communities and prepare them with the computational-thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for success in an increasingly digital world.”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said “If we are going to solve tomorrow’s global challenges, we must come together today to inspire young people everywhere with the promise of technology. We can’t leave anyone out. We’re proud to make this $75 million investment in computer science education to create new opportunities for students across the spectrum of diverse youth and help build a tech talent pipeline that will spark new innovations for the future.

Source/Image: Microsoft

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