Microsoft’s got some cash stashed away for people who are keen on making something more scientific things for their Hololens project. The down-side? You need to be an American resident to qualify. Being a university helps too.

Microsoft have got five academic research grants of $100 000 each for proposals that will help people to “…better understand the role and possible applications for holographic computing in society”. A laudable aim and one that will also help out the Hololens, which has put in an impressive showing so far.

Microsoft says that “The awards are intended to be used for seed-funding larger initiatives, proofs of concept, or demonstrations of feasibility” and that universities who submit proposals will have to look to several other funders if their AR projects are going to be pricier than the $100 000 the company will be handing out.

They’ve got some serious studies around augmented reality in mind here, with successful applications being encouraged to publish their research. The results of applications will be announced later this year, but we’ve very keen to see what can be learned about AR. It should give us a serious heads-up about the future of tech.

Source: Engadget

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