Microsoft is bringing something a bit different to their email service with a little something called Send.

And Send really is something a bit unusual, because it’s part email and part instant messenger. And this is possible because it forms part of Outlook, so users will be able to dash off quick messages but they’ll also be able to make use of their Outlook contacts while doing so.

The messages that users send with Send will appear in their Outlook accounts, so you’ll be able to keep track of what was said on the go, but the Send mobile app itself is only able to see the messages that it has sent and received. You won’t be able to use it an an email alternative – and that’s probably a good thing.

Send is available now in the States, as long as you use an iPhone, but there are Windows Phone and Android versions of the new app coming soon. The services will also soon be making the jump from the US to other places a little closer to home.

Source: Microsoft

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