We love Microsoft’s hardware, there’s never been any doubt about that. But when we think of Nokia phones these days (which we do, because Microsoft owns the name) we usually think Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile. We don’t normally think of a Nokia Series 30+ handset and yet… that’s just what Microsoft have announced.

The Nokia 230 and 230 Dual SIM are old-school ‘dumbphones’, which hark back to an earlier time in smartphone ownership. The handsets themselves are so basic that the usual set of specifications, like screen, processor and RAM, aren’t listed or really worth exploring.

But Microsoft have taken aim at a specific market with the Nokia 230 and that’s the section without much cash who nonetheless want a self-camera (the 230 has front and back 2MP cameras, both with an LED flash) as well as a music player. The Nokia 230 supports microSD cards up to 32GB. And it also has some online connectivity and apps, even though it’s not a smartphone as we know them today.

The Nokia 230 is set for launch in 230 in India, Asia and the Middle East. Hopefully we’ll see this low-coster here too, it’d do well.

Source: Microsoft

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