Microsoft might be good at what they do but that doesn’t mean that they’re arranging absolutely everything internally. Sometimes they outsource their tech usage and, sometimes, they decide they just can’t do without it.

That’s certainly the case with a company called N-trig Ltd., an Israeli company that developed the tech used to create the pen used with the company’s extremely popular Surface Pro 3 device.

Microsoft’s Stevie Bathiche said in a post: “We can’t wait to show you what we’ll deliver for our Surface Fans in the future. Digital pens have a ways to go to be as good as pen and paper on some dimensions, and we’ll get there. But more importantly, adding the ability to capture and share the work you do with a digital pen opens up possibilities that traditional pen and paper just can’t match. Today’s investment is another step that will let us push that innovation forward.”

And, in case you’re not sure what all the fuss is about, this is the Surface Pro 3’s pen in action – courtesy of Microsoft themselves.

Source: Microsoft

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