Toshiba’s got some very nifty devices available and there’s something new on the horizon, though it’s only confirmed for the States at this point. Meet the Radius 11, a convertible notebook from the Japanese company that features several configurations for a range of uses.

The Radius 11 can be used as an 11.6-inch notebook but it’s also capable of working as a tablet, in a presentation mode or as a tabletop device. The big feature is a hinge that permits users to turn the screen 360-degrees, meaning that you can bend it to your every whim.

Toshiba, for some reason, have opted to keep some of the Radius 11’s specs a secret, specifically the processors that feature in this machine. But we’re looking at the 11.6-inch, 1366 x 768 touchscreen display, 2GB or 4GB of system memory and the choice between a 32GB SSD or a 500GB conventional hard drive.

The whole system will be running Windows 8.1; while there will be a standard collection of ports and fiddly bits when it launches. It’s only recently hit the market in the States so it’ll likely be a while before we hear noises about it this side of the ocean.

Source: Digital Trends

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