There are tablets and then, apparently, there are tablets. This is one of the second kind. Toshiba has announced a frankly massive 24-inch tablet called the TT301 Shared Board, a device that dwarfs just about every other slate that we’ve seen on the market to date.

Inside you’ll find surprisingly low-spec hardware. The TT301 only features a 1GHz dual-core processor, 16GB of internal storage and 1.5GB of RAM which powers, along with Android 4.2, the massive HD display. There’s no indication that you’ll be able to expand the storage either, so we’re kind of wondering what the Shared Board is intended for.

There is an answer for that though and the name is a big clue. This 24-tablet has been made with businesses in mind, so it’s probably going to see use in businesses, either as an ordering or collaboration tool.

Unfortunately we can’t get too excited about this one just yet. The TT301 is only confirmed for the Japanese market so far, and there’s no indication when or if it’ll be travelling outside that country. Still, we can dream.

Source: Digital Trends

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