Small packages are said to contain greater than average numbers of explosive ordinance, something that is definitely the case with the Netis WF2220 300Mbps Wireless N access point.

And that’s because while this sleek little black number boasts a rather small footprint, it’s got what it takes to broadcast the wireless signal from your modem through to the rest of your home, easily.

Which brings us to a point that should be gotten out of the way early – the Netis WF2220 does not have a built-in modem. The small black plastic shell has a power input, an Ethernet jack (which is how you connect an external modem) and a WPS key. There are detatchable aerials, which you’re going to want to connect to make sure that sweet, sweet internet gets all round your home. But there’s nowhere to plug in a phone line or a fibre connection – you’re going to need another device for that.

Once you have an external modem, though, getting the Netis WF2220 is as simple to set up as any of the Netis range. It’s a simple matter of logging into the router and following the onscreen wizard, inputting information as instructed. If you want to connect to something like the Netis E1+ range extender, a press of the WPS button at the back of this unit (and on the unit being paired) will let you complete that configuration effortlessly.

Though it’s unlikely that you’ll need to extend the range, unless you have a very large home or very thick walls. The tiny little WF2220 300Mbps Wireless N access point has a range that belies its diminutive size. There are a selection of options for you to work with as well, like AP (access point), Repeater, WDS, or Multi-SSD, in case you feel the need to have separate networks running at the same time. This gives this little guy greater flexibility than most will ever require.

There’s also a high-power mode for the folks who have to deal with thicker-than-usual walls. A press of a button at the rear of the unit ups the broadcast power for better coverage in some areas. If this doesn’t do it for you, only then do you have to consider getting a range extender. Spoiler: You will probably be just fine.

All told the dinky little Netis WF2220 is a smart little device that, with a little assistance, will do everything you need to get your internet in and around your home or small business. You can’t ask for much more than that. Okay, maybe you can ask for it to make coffee as well or something equally unusual. For now, though, we’ll take it.

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