If you’re in the market for a speedy, lightweight Windows laptop, then Lenovo’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon has to be right up on the top of the list. And it looks like it’ll be staying there, as Lenovo have announced a refresh of the popular notebook for 2015.

Changes are largely internal, though there are going to be some alterations to the exterior as well. Lenovo have dropped the LED multi-function strip in favour of something a bit more traditional, it seems that their attempt at innovation wasn’t as well received as they’d have liked.

But that’s not much to be concerned about. Lenovo will be packing in a 1080p display as standard for the 2015 model of the X1 Carbon, with a 1440p variant being an option as well if you’d like a larger New Year’s resolution. The higher-res screen will have some solid backing as well, Intel’s Broadwell silicon will be packed into the wafer-thin Carbon this year as well. As usual, the chip you select will define the price you pay at the end of the day.

There’s no word on when it will reach South Africa but it should be going on sale in the States later this month. The base model will cost buyers $1250, or around R15500 in local cash. We can’t wait to see what the full-featured version will set us back. Whatever it is, it’ll be worth it.

Source: Digital Trends

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