Lenovo’s gone for the world’s computing market in a big way but of late they’ve been largely avoiding the segment that is all about gaming. That’s… about to change.

Lenovo have revealed a whole slew of new gaming desktop hardware at this year’s IFA event in Berlin. Called the ideacentre Y700 and ideacentre Y900, these machines are set to arrive bearing Intel’s new Skylake processors in addition to a set of the highest of the high-end.

The Y700 will arrive with options up to a 4GB GeForce GTX 980, while the Y900 will have the GTX 970 on hand to power those pixels. Monster RAM allocations, Blu-ray drives and WiFi up to the AC standard are… er… standard as well.

The company will also be launching a set of gaming peripherals, which were revealed at IFA, and they’re also going to be updating their gaming notebooks. We’re looking forward to Lenovo’s newest crop.

Source: Ars Technica

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