We’ve spoken at length about Lenovo’s involvement in all aspects of the technology market. They tend to spend their time on computing devices – basically, if there’s a decent processor involved then Lenovo will be there. And now they’re teaming up with gaming peripheral maker Razer to bring some colour to their Y-series gaming desktops.

A prototype machine has already been seen, being introduced by the company at Dreamhack in Sweden. But the new Y-series as a whole is going to be getting a reveal this year at CES, where all the tech goes to debut. Expect to seen Lenovo and Razer’s new lineup then.

We’re not certain of specifications as yet but Razer’s adjustable Chroma lighting systems will be in place. So they should look pretty, if nothing else. But there will be more, because we’ve seen what Lenovo puts into their gaming setups before.

Source: Ars Technica

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