When it was announced that Lenovo had bought up Motorola Mobility from Google earlier this year, the easy money was on Lenovo pushing more aggressively into the smartphone market.

That’s pretty much going according to plan, with a recent new device announcement taking place, but there’s more to this story. Motorola as a phone vendor had a decent presence in South Africa for some time before fading out to be replaced by LG, Samsung and Apple but that isn’t a permanent situation. The Chinese company is looking to bring Motorola back to South Africa in the near future.

When, exactly, isn’t known but it should be fairly soon. Speaking in Beijing last week, Lenovo’s head of their Mobility Business Group said “South Africa is a very important market but a very different market. In the Middle East and Africa region, South Africa is the only mature market dominated by carriers, so it is necessary to enter that market.”

We will finalise our plan for entering the South African market after we close the deal. Our current thinking is that we will leverage the Motorola product to enter that market.”

By the sound of things, SA will be the first port of call in Africa for the new Motorola once Lenovo gets the purchase of the company squared away. And that’s a reason to be excited.

Source: Business Day

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