Lenovo is more than just the best-selling PC manufacturer on the planet, which alone is not a claim to fame to be ashamed of. They’re also a mobile phone powerhouse in their native country of China and they’re reportedly making moves to further cement that reputation.

In China Lenovo competes with another company called Xiaomi and Lenovo is planning to launch another smartphone brand in the region to take that competition one step further.

Just what the new brand will be known as (we assume it won’t just be called Lenovo Mobile) is uncertain at this time be we do have some information on when it will be hitting the market.

Lenovo has reportedly said that the new smartphone brand will be hitting the Chinese market come April 2015. Branded apps, online sales and the like will put it into direct competition with Xiaomi, while the Lenovo smartphone brand will continue business as usual in the area.

Source: via Engadget

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