Lenovo’s financial details for the past year have become public and the Chinese company’s performance has been satisfactory, to say the least. They have posted an annual revenue of $46.3 billion, with a net income of around 830 million (after expenses).

Bt that’s not the really impressive part. The company has also managed to sell 60 million PCs, in one form or another, over the past 12 months. That puts them at the top of PC sales for the second year running.

The company also managed to shift 76 million smartphones and 12 million tablets. Tell us again how the PC industry is dying out.

There are some that believe that even Lenovo can’t sustain this sort of performance and the company’s relatively recent string of acquisitions seem to bear this out. They now control Motorola as well as what used to be IBM’s server business – it looks as though they’re planning for the future. Good luck to them.

Source: Lenovo via Engadget

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