Lenovo has reported their financials for the first fiscal quarter of 2014, which concluded at the end of June 2014, and the news is good for the Chinese tech manufacturer.

The company has reported revenue of $10.4 billion for the period, which should make everyone there extremely happy, but they’ve also reported something a bit remarkable. Lenovo has, for the first time, shipped more smartphones than PCs in a single quarter.

According to Lenovo, smartphone shipments for the period totaled 15.8 million units, while they shipped 14.5 million PCs and notebooks. Quite the milestone but Lenovo is also reporting that they can now lay claim to almost 20% of the PC market as well.

The smartphone shipments mostly took place in and around China, which leads us to believe that Lenovo could have put in an even better performance had they the option of shipping to more international locations. And that’s saying something.

Source: Lenovo

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