Lenovo Patent ConceptLenovo, like everyone else in the tech world these days, may be planning on creating and releasing at least one wearable computing product and a patent application at the US Patent and Trademark Office has given us some idea of what the Chinese company’s device might look like.

Lenovo’s patent application describes a headset, along similar lines to Google’s Glass project, which would feature two displays (likely translucent), touch-based control and a whole lot of voice tech. The idea behind it is that it could be used for conversations – something like what can be achieved with a hands-free Bluetooth kit but with a bone conduction microphone where the glasses wearable touches the user’s nose.

The result of such a configuration is that users would be able to have voice calls take place through the headset no matter how loud their surrounding are and still be heard. Actually hearing the caller would be another story.

But, at the moment, there’s no indication that Lenovo is looking at producing and releasing something along these lines. They’re definitely considering it, if the patent application is any indication, but it might be a while before something like this lands in front of consumers.

Source: via Engadget

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