We do so love to get advance notice about devices from our favourite companies, so imagine how happy we were to hear that Lenovo has a new hybrid device on the way called the Yoga 900. Whether it’ll keep the name for its trip to Africa isn’t known but there are a few things that we are aware of.

Like the Yoga 900 sporting a massive 66Whr battery, a substantial upgrade on other hybrid table/notebooks from the company. There’s also going to be a choice when it comes to processors, the Core i5 6200U or the Core i7 6500U from Intel.

A huge-resolutioned 3200 x 1800 IPS screen, up to 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage – in the form of a solid-state hard drive – are also upcoming features of the Yoga 900, if reports are correct. Also on the cards? A lighter device than the Yoga 3, while including a USB-C connector. That should save Lenovo some extra space in the tablet, at the very least.

Source: Digital Trends

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