Looks:  Slimmer than ever! Every curves and details of XT-5317 are carefully thought out to make itself one of the most visually desirable terminals in the market.

Flexibility: One-terminal/multi-configurations concept provides unmatched flexibility: “Flat Folded Mode” to save the shipping package volume. “Low Profile Mode” to allow greater interaction between cashier and the customers; and the traditional “Full Extended Mode”. All this can be achieved with a simple pull of the hidden lever. (U.S. Patent #9004436)

Performance: A wide range of CPU options at your choice delivering incomparable performance and powerful enough to process anything thrown at it without even breaking a sweat.

Fanless Design: Solve the fan maintenance issue and provide silent mode operation, which is ideally suited for the high-end boutique store or hospital environment.

GEN8E Base: Optional GEN8E Base that integrates internal power adaptor and Powered USB port into the base stand, which keeps counters clutter-free.


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