Toshiba have been fairly quiet on the mobile device front of late but that’s just changed. The company has announced three new tablets, including a new Encore tablet, for the States. Chances are that they’ll be making their way to this side of the world before too long so let’s take an early look at them, shall we?

The three tablets cover the most popular slate sizes, with the Android-powered Excite Go covering the 7-inch front while the Encore 2 is available in 8-inch and 10.1-inch sizes.

The Excite Go will boast Android’s 4.4 KitKat OS, with a fairly low-spec display (1024 x 600), 16GB of storage and a quad-core Intel Atom running the show. It’ll have an apparent 7.5 hour battery life. This wouldn’t be that impressive but for the American price. The Excite Go will retail for $110, which is around R1160 in South African money, though that price is minus tax and import duties.

The Encore 2’s two models will share a lot of specs, like a quad-core Intel Atom, display size (1280 x 800), operating system (Windows 8.1) and, likely, storage capacities. This last item hasn’t been confirmed but it’s believed to be 16GB out of the box with graduated options up to 64GB available. The 8-inch variant will start at $200 (R2100), the 10.1 model will run buyers $270 (R2850).

The three tablets are set to hit the America market in July this year, with no release plans available… anywhere else yet.


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