We could be seeing a change in how Microsoft conducts its operating system releases, if a report from news outlet Softpedia is on the money.

The report claims that Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft Developer Evangelist, has said recently that Windows 10 is “…the last version of Windows, so we’re always working on Windows 10.”  Which is an interesting route for Microsoft to take, if true, because it would essentially mean that Microsoft’s schedule for operating system releases would change drastically as a result.

It’s entirely possible that Microsoft might take this track and leave Windows 10 as the final release. The OS would find itself being regularly updated with all-new features and supported over a very long term, rather than seeing a whole new in-store operating system being released.

Microsoft hasn’t commented on whether this will actually happen, and it’s unclear how they’d make any money off an upgrade system like this but they’ve been keen to try out new things of late. Perhaps they’re going to surprise all of us with something altogether remarkable.

Source: Softpedia

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