Samsung is thought to be releasing an upgrade on their flagship smartphone in the very near future, which would make the current high-end device somewhat less of a drawcard but would also answer several customer requests at the same time. The company is thought to be working on a Galaxy S 5 Prime, a bigger brother to the Galaxy S 5, which will have several upgraded features.

One of these is a qHD display, a significant improvement on the S 5’s current HD screen. The S 5 Prime is also through to boast a metal body, a significant change to Samsung’s use of plastic for their smartphones. Then there’s the processor upgrade, which would see users gifted with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805, a quad-core chip that is an improvement over pretty much every other mobile device on the market today.

And images of the apparent mobile device from Samsung have been leaked to website PhoneArena by an anonymous source. The pictures seem to show the Galaxy S 5 Prime, along with several changes to the body of the device and what seems to be the metallic body. According to their source, the phone is being tested while Samsung is widely expected to make an official announcement next month.

Source: PhoneArena

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