If you’ve missed the Raspberry Pi excitement, you’ve missed out. These hobbyist motherboard and processor systems, originally designed to tech kids in the UK to code on the cheap, have become the brains of many an impressive invention – and more than a few media PCs the size of a credit card (but not the same thickness).

And now you can install Windows 10 on one of them, though you’re going to need more than just the bare-bones kit that the Raspberry Pi Linux operating system works with.

At least here Microsoft has everyone covered, as you can buy all the extras from the company via online retailer Adafruit. It’s called the Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 2 and it’s… sold out already. Holy crap.

There’s a version that comes with a Pi and a package without but they both have one purpose – to get you making all sorts of projects for the Pi, with Windows 10 as the main OS. Adafruit will have new stock in soon, so keep an eye out.

Source: Microsoft

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