Huawei have had their sights set on taking their place alongside the major South Korean tech manufacturers for a while now and it’s only fitting that the next step in their plans is taking place following their recent rebrand.

After dropping the Ascend name from their banners, the company has decided to release a US-specific version of their P8 smartphone called the P8 lite. The lowercase ‘l’ is intentional, in case you were wondering.

Set to go on sale in the States for $250 (that’s around R3000 here at home, before tax), the P8 lite is going to be a 5-inch, 720p-screened smart device. Huawei have opted for the Snapdragon 615 octa-core as opposed to their own Kirin solutions and are packing it with a 13MP rear camera.

Users will be able to opt for either a microSD card or a second SIM, not the first time that the company has made use of this configuration for their devices.

Honestly, Huawei, we probably wouldn’t complain if the P8 lite made an appearance this side of the world as well. Just sayin’.

Source: Engadget

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