Microsoft’s Hololens is quite the piece of gear, capable of augmenting reality on a scale that we haven’t really seen before. And it seems to do it well, especially for a piece of hardware that is technically still in development. The biggest question being asked, since the headset performs so well, is “When can I have one?” and the answer seems to be ‘Soon”.

As long as you’re a developer, that is. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, speaking in an interview with the BBC, has giving an estimate on when the Hololens will make its way to developers who can then start working on various software features and functions for the gear.

And the time-frame? Within the next year, which isn’t far off at all. That means that we’re looking at a year or two past that before the Hololens is available at retail, barring any complications. And that’s a time-frame that we can live with, even if we’d prefer the launch date to be something more like “Late next week”. We can wait.

Source: BBC (video)

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