So Windows 10 is now totally a thing and we can expect it to launch onto the market some time in 2015 but what about those folks who really don’t want to wait to see what Microsoft has to offer?

As it turns out, waiting is sort of optional. Microsoft has launched something that they call the Windows Insider Program and it will give interested users, especially those with a more technical background, the chance to test out Windows 10 before it hits the rest of the world by getting the Windows 10 Technical Preview. But there are some warnings to consider.

“As a member of the Windows Insider community, you will have an active role in helping us build Windows 10 and be among the first to see new stuff. You will automatically receive new builds as we release them with the latest features we’re experimenting with – and our freshest bugs. Some of these features may not be fully “baked” – meaning they may not work correctly as you are seeing these features as we work on them. “

Those interested can head over to the Windows Insider Program website to get started (link), while those who are still sitting on the fence should check out Microsoft’s FAQ on whether or not you should be looking at trying their newest operating system out beforehand (link).

Source: Microsoft

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